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'Peckham Rock' - Authentic artwork by BANKSY 


In 2005 Banksy placed a fake prehistoric rock drawing of a caveman with a shopping trolley on the walls of the British Museum. The sign next to it said : "This finely preserved example of primitive art dates from the Post-Catatonic era. The artist responsible is known to have created a substantial body of work across South East of England under the moniker Banksymus Maximus but little else is known about him. Most art of this type has unfortunately not survived. The majority is destroyed by zealous municipal officials who fail to recognise the artistic merit and historical value of daubing on walls." 


He says it went unnoticed by British Museum staff for 3 days

It has recently been used again by the museum for a show. 

This wooden replica has the art work on the front and the text on the back.


The artwork also states 'Courtesy of PEST CONTROL Office' - the organisation who control and authenticate all of Banksy's work. 


It is approximately 18 x 12 cm


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